Zentai Wellness Centre

A multidisciplinary medical clinic for qualified complementary and alternative health care

Welcome to Zentai Wellness Centre!

We are a multidisciplinary wellness centre offering complementary healthcare in downtown Toronto. Established in 2006, Zentai is owned and operated by a husband-and-wife team, Dr. Makoto Trotter, ND and Aileen Lim-Trotter.

We are committed to providing you with quality licensed healthcare in a comfortable and personable wellness environment.

The Zentai Wellness team is comprised of qualified and experienced health practitioners who will provide you with exceptional care. We are dedicated to ensuring that your wellness journey will be an enjoyable experience.

Naturopathic care

As naturopathic doctors, we offer full assessment and treatment plans using a holistic approach. Essentially, this means connecting the dots between your symptoms and looking for an underlying root cause. We also emphasize the importance of the mind-body connection, as physical health is intrinsically intertwined with the mental-emotional-spiritual plane.

Naturopaths are trained in the disciplines of Diet & Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Lifestyle Counseling.

We also offer B12 Injections, IgG Food Allergy-Sensitivity Tests, Saliva Hormone Testing, and Comprehensive Stool Testing.

Complementary healthcare

We are here to support and encourage you to achieve wellness with our team of legitimate and qualified therapists. Whether you are currently suffering from health concerns or want to optimize your well-being and prevent disease, we have many natural treatment options available to you.

Make your health a priority! You need to be healthy in order to function at your full potential – don’t forget that your family and friends also benefit from you being at your optimal health.

At Zentai Wellness Centre, our goal is for you to feel safe, comfortable and trusted while we journey together on the path to good health.